Book Review: They Found the Secret by V. Raymond Edman

Book: They Found the Secret

Author: V. Raymond Edman

Publisher/Date: Zondervan/March 1984 (reprint)

Category: Christian Living/Spiritual Growth

About They Found the Secret by V. Raymond Edman

My Thoughts on They Found the Secret by V. Raymond Edman

About the Author of They Found the Secret: V. Raymond Edman

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Professor Grant Horner’s Bible Reading Plan

This isn’t my first time attempting to read the Bible using Professor Grant Horner’s Bible Reading Plan. I tried it a few years ago and was behind with the 1st week.

This time around I’m scheduling the 10 daily chapters into my schedule. I’m prayerfully hopeful that I’ll be able to complete it at least once in 2016.

If your Bible is falling apart, you probably aren’t. -Dr. McArthur to Professor Grant Horner in the mid 90s

If you’re not already familiar with Professor Grant Horner’s Bible Reading Plan, I’ll tell you about it.

It’s an intensive daily Bible Reading Plan originated by Professor Grant Horner. Imagine that!

It’s unique. It’s challenging. It’s a game changer. It officially began in 1983. Professor Horner says that, by following this plan, he learned his Bible backwards and forwards within 3 years. And now, over 30 years later, he knows it by heart.

The rules are few and simple:

  1. Don’t be intimidated.
  2. Try it for a month.
  3. Read a chapter from each list daily (10 lists; 10 chapters) in a single session or divided into two sessions. Once you’ve completed a book, move on to Chapter 1 of the next book. Once you’ve completed a list, repeat the list from the beginning. Don’t change the order.
  4. Read moderately fast – slow enough to retain the knowledge, but fast enough that you complete all 10 chapters within an hour. Each chapter should take about 5 or 6 minutes. Remember: You’re not studying or memorizing the information.

I purchased a new Bible specifically for this study. I’d read that the ESV Reader’s Bible, was the perfect Bible for this challenge because it’s:

  1. Small enough that you can easily carry it around
  2. It opens nice and flat which is perfect for fast readings without distraction
  3. Written with unbroken narrative which means there are no verse numbers, section headings or footnotes
The only drawback I’ve found is that the font is small. It’s a good thing I purchased my first pair of bifocals a few months ago or I’d struggle to read the text. The flipside is that the Bible would be much thicker than it already is, in order to accommodate a larger font.
So the ESV Reader’s Bible gets 4 out of 5 stars from me, which means that I like it well enough.

I’ve read today’s verses and it took just over 30 minutes between 2 session. I wanted to make sure I could read them in less than an hour. Tomorrow I’ll show down. But, I’m glad to know that on days when I work and have 4 1/2 hours of class, I should still be able to meet my daily goal.

Reading through this plan at least once this year is part of my 2016 goals. I’m especially excited about this goal since it’s been several years since I’ve read the complete Bible. This year may be the year that I read it multiple times.

What’s your Bible Reading Plan for 2016? Let me know in the comments below.